Q1: What does IAM Technique stand for?

A: The longer form is “Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique”. The word “Integration” refers to integrating our body, breathing and mind through the stretches and meditation.

Q2: Can I do the practice for a longer duration of time?

A: You must finish the practice as instructed, keeping the times for each step. If you would like to meditate for longer, you can continue to meditate after finishing the technique as instructed.

Q3: When should I practice?

A: The best time to practice is early morning or in the evening, after taking a bath, on an empty stomach.

Q4: Can I do the technique in two parts i.e. exercises in the morning and the pranayama and visualizations in the evening?

A: No. The technique has to be done as one unit continuously for 20 minutes.

Q5: Can I do IAM technique twice a day?

A: No. Amma has recommended that it be done only once a day. However, if you wish to do it twice a day then get permission from Amma directly, to do so.

Q6: If I also do other spiritual practices, should I do IAM technique in the beginning or in the end?

A: It is recommended that you do the IAM technique as the last spiritual practice among all your other spiritual practices like japa, archana, yoga etc.

Q7: How does it help?

A: With IAM technique you can reach that same state of peace and calm that is experienced during our most relaxed moments. In fact, IAM technique even goes to much deeper levels, helping the practitioner to experience significantly more creativity, innovative thinking, improved communications, and increased personal welfare.

Q8: Whom do I contact for more information about IAM Technique?

Home page: www.iam-meditation.org Mail: iam@amritapuri.org Phone (India): + 91 9447498840

Q9: Where does IAM technique come from, who invented it?

A: Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), who lives in India, who helps people by spending most of her time listening to their problems and coming up with solutions to these problems. She has met and spoken with people from all walks of life – 35 million people throughout the world – from eminent scientists and CEOs to the average person. So many of those people have come back and said that her advice helped solve their problems. The IAM Technique is part of Amma’s overall approach to problem solving. For more information about Amma : www.amritapuri.org and www.facebook.com/MataAmritanandamayi.

Q10: I have no problems. Why do I need this?

A: IAM technique is useful for people who have something immediate to address, but also for people that want to feel more balanced in daily life, at all times. IAM technique practitioners experience better health and a more balanced approach to life. Whatever we already have, we are able to appreciate and enjoy it more. Through meditation, the mind becomes sharper, clearer, subtler. It gains the ability to swiftly penetrate to the core of issues and bring forth creative solutions. We become more perceptive, more understanding, and our interactions with other people improve. It increases our capacity to handle situations.

Q11: Why is IAM technique confidential?

A: IAM technique is confidential to retain its original purity. This technique has a lot of subtle nuances, which need to be imparted in the appropriate manner.

Q12: Do I have any obligation to keep doing this technique?

A: There is no obligation. But the best way to get the benefits is to practice on a daily basis. In your busy schedule, you may miss a day or two. But it is better not to make it a habit, and instead come back to it as quickly as possible.

Q13: I have my own social circle that I am happy with. Would this require me to change my lifestyle?

A: You don’t have to make any changes in your lifestyle. In fact, by doing IAM technique, you will feel even better doing all the same things you did before. You will be able to respond effectively and efficiently to situations.

Q14: Why do we have to practice it as is? Why I can’t mix it with other practices I have?

A: Extensive study has been done before the technique came into its present form. In addition to the originator’s own experience, the experience of tens of thousands of people worldwide who have been practicing IAM technique for years is also a standing example of the power and benefits of IAM technique. You can do other techniques. However, we recommend practicing IAM technique separately from other techniques. This will enable you to retain the purity of the technique and obtain the maximum benefit.

Q15: Is there any harm if I don’t do IAM technique regularly?

A: There is no harm if you do it irregularly, but regular daily practice produces steady and progressive results/benefits.

Q16: I like the relaxation that I get from this technique, but I also like the relaxation I get when I jog and play sports; how is this any different?

A: IAM technique has specific benefits that are not obtained by recreational activities like the ones you mentioned. Of course, both are relaxing in a general way, but IAM technique relaxes you on a deeper level. You may have seen research results published about this in Time, Newsweek, etc. It alters the brain functions in a way that gives a deep relaxation, which then makes us more productive at work.

Click here the link to download the research article.

Q17: Do I need to take a refresher course after a while?

A: If you become unclear on the steps, then a refresher is very helpful. Attendiing a new course would be even better. Even otherwise, if you are interested and it can be arranged, then it is good. But this course is self-contained and provides you with all you need, to benefit from the IAM technique.

Q18: When I do relaxing things, like go on a cruise, the problems go away for some time, but then they come right back afterwards. Does this technique really remove the problems once for all, or is it only temporary?

A: Of course it all depends on how serious you are about the goal of meditation and how deep the problem is, but we have first-hand accounts of many people who do IAM technique that have made profound changes in their life. In general, IAM technique has shown sustained improvements in people’s level of self-esteem, ability to handle stress, and interpersonal relations.

Q19: After I do this course are there future steps, a more advanced course?

A: The IAM technique course that you have taken is complete and self-contained. As it is an experiential technique, the most important thing is to do it on a daily basis, to experience the benefits. Just knowing or understanding the technique does not help.

Q20: I got this course for free from my company, but I also have some friends who might be interested. How can they take it?

A: Courses are being taught all over the world, so if you give us their contact info, then we can inform them when there would be a course available for them from a trained instructor. You can send a email to us or ask them to visit this website or to send a mail to iam@amritapuri.org

Q21: Why is it free?

A: Amma’s revealing this technique is meant to be shared all over the world, and we are a service/charitable organization. This is knowledge that was already in existence; we are just sharing it for the betterment of society. Amma says,

“Spiritual knowledge is the birthright of humankind and that to charge for meditation classes is like charging a baby for breast milk. That is why Amma’s meditation technique is always taught for free”.

Q22: What will be the cost for me?

A: The cost to you is zero. The organization sponsoring this IAM technique is a charity whose purpose is to help society. In order to make the program self sufficient, your employers have been asked to pay any incremental expenses for the instructor, and any incidental expenses required for holding this class.

Q23: Do I need to have some prior knowledge and/or experience?

A: No prior knowledge of any topic is required.

Q24: Do you have a newsletter?

A: We do have this web site, www.iam-meditation.org, and a facebook page :www/facebook.com/iammeditationtechnique, which are all about IAM Technique.

Q25: What organization is behind this practice?

A: EMBRACING THE WORLD (www.embracingthewolrd.org) – is a large humanitarian organization that has been cited by the press as a leading organization providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Another part of ETW’s mission is the dissemination of worthwhile wisdom, knowledge and techniques to society, in general. We are also working for environmental preservation, interfaith unity, and other broad social topics at prestigious locations, including the U.N. In recognition of Embracing The Wolrd’s outstanding disaster relief work and other humanitarian activities, the United Nations in July 2005 conferred “Special Consultative Status” to ETW, thus enabling collaboration with UN agencies. In December 2008, the UN’s Department of Public Information approved Embracing The Wolrd as an associated NGO to help its work of disseminating information and research into humanitarian issues. For those who are interested, we can provide additional materials. Click here for a glimpse of Amma’s world of charitable activities.

Q26: How can you prove that it really works?

A: Above all else, your own experience will be the strongest proof. Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Scientific American and very reputable institutions such as the Harvard Medical School prove that meditation offers significant benefits. We invite you to take a look at these documents for proof. Click here for more information about research on IAM.

Q27: Is it a new technique?

A: No meditation technique can be called completely new. IAM technique too is based on timeless principles. The technique was conceived many years ago, but we have introduced it to the public only in recent years.

Q28: How is it related to and/or different from yoga and/or meditation?

A: The core principles of yoga and meditation are based on integration of the body and mind, and on maintaining a deep state of relaxation at all times. These two core principles, among others, are important building blocks for IAM technique.

Q29: Do I have to do the Technique at the same time every day?

A: To keep up continuity of the practice, it is always best to keep a regular schedule. So, as far as possible, do the Technique at the same time each day.

Q30: Do you have CDs on IAM Technique or can I learn it through the net?

Other than the videos posted on this web there are no other CDs available. Neither can it be learnt through the net. It can only be learnt in person from an authorized trainer.

Q31: Learnt before 2 years but forgot. What do I do now? If I want to attend the course again, is it ok/allowed?

It is recommended that you attend practice sessions, refresher courses or new courses as many times as possible even if you are a regular practitioner and not forgotten anything. Each such effort can deepen your meditation.



Q32: How soon can I eat after practicing the Technique?

A: Wait at least 10 minutes.

Q33: How long should I wait to do the practice after a meal?

A: One should not meditate immediately after eating. After a large meal, one should wait at least 5 hours. After a light meal, one should wait about three hours. If you are diabetic, this rule does not apply to you; you should consult your doctor.

Q34 : Can it be done during my lunch hour?

A: If you have time to do it before you eat your lunch that is fine. But we urge practitioners not to do this technique immediately after eating a meal. It is best to wait until 3 – 5 hours have elapsed since your last meal.

Q35: I know a lot of people that meditate are vegetarian; is that necessary?

A: The IAM technique doesn’t have any dietary requirements.

Q36: I have a psychotherapist who tells me that stress comes from pent up emotions, like anger and fear; will this technique help me to work through such emotions?

A: By increasing awareness, IAM can take you to the very depths of mind thereby revealing the causes of your stress, enabling you to handle it effectively. And we know, when we are really relaxed we feel much better physically and mentally. There are many testimonials of people who have been practicing IAM technique, describing how they could overcome and come to terms with many of their unresolved emotions after they started practicing IAM technique.

Q37: Could women practice the technique during their monthly period?

A: It is generally felt that women should increase their spiritual practices during their monthly period. Not only can the Technique be practiced, but keeping silence and doing mantra japa will also be most beneficial. Since none of the exercises are inverted postures, they are safe to do. However, if one has a history of complications during that time of the month, one should first consult one’s physician.

Q38: Should a woman practice the technique if she is pregnant?

A: Pregnant women should not do the physical relaxation exercises, which constitute the first part of the technique.

Q39: Should I practice the technique if I am sick?

A: If you have chronic ailments, it is still good to practice the Technique regularly. However, do not practice the Technique if you have high or low fever. You may practice if you have a common cold. However, if you are ill, it is advisable to consult your physician first. And, if you cannot perform the technique, perform it mentally, by visualizing the whole series of the exercises.

Q40: Will there be any negative effects from this practice either mentally or physically?

A: As long as you stick to the practice as instructed, there will be no negative effects.

Q41: How is IAM technique going to benefit me as an executive in my company?

A: IAM technique helps you become more relaxed and creative, helping you bring out your full potential in all facets of your work and personal life. By allowing your mind to reduce the quantity of random thoughts (chatter), IAM technique allows you to experience more of the “Aha” moments. These moments come usually after some vacation time or a long walk in the woods. They can occur with IAM technique much more regularly.

Q42: I am a regional manager, and I understand the benefits that you are talking about, but I assume that results don’t come right away. How can I or my employees stay motivated to continue practicing?

A: Your experience should motivate you. The IAM technique will give you benefits rapidly. Depending upon what type of goals you may have – they may be for your work environment, material success, relationships – the IAM technique will give you the inner qualities you need to achieve these goals. That itself will give you motivation to continue the practice.

Q43: My work requires a lot of creativity. Is it true that meditation can help with this?

A: Many schools of business say that with a calm mind you can be more creative and arrive at better solutions. Stanford Business School offers a very popular elective in its 2nd year MBA program on creativity in business, which includes material on meditation. The Harvard Medical School has a very popular “Mind Body Clinic” that is helping people understand the critical role of meditation in daily life.