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Ashwati Klecha, 21, Medical student, India

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2004

“IAM has helped me to concentrate more on my studies. It has strengthened my ability to grasp. It has given me mental peace as well. I feel like I have more strength to face the various challenges that come in life. It has given me a feeling of inner harmony. Now that I am in harmony with myself, I feel more in harmony with my surroundings as well.”

Thomas Kloos, 29, Web-designer, Austria

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2003


“I was amazed by how little effort you have to put into the meditation and how much benefit you get out of it. The benefits were fantastic. I felt them even during the course itself. There is a calmness of mind that comes during the meditation. And that stillness of mind, that peace, stays with you throughout the day.”

Anil Kumar, 39, Policeman, India

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2003


“I’ve noticed a huge change in the quality of mindfulness that the IAM meditation is bringing to my day to day, minute to minute existence.”

Alvin d’Angelo, 32, Massage therapist, Italy

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2003


“It changes the body. The physical exercises make one more flexible and more comfortable within their body. The stretches are designed to stretch the body in all directions— especially the spine, and the spine is so important for health.”

Daisy Rockliffe, 21, Environmental student, UK

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2004


“The meditation has helped me get the concentration and discipline I need to study. And it has helped me to stay calm during exams. When I sit down to meditate, I feel such peace and comfort.”

Jun Shiose, 30,
Cameraman, Videographer, Japan

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2003

“In school, we learn how to think, but we actually never learn how to stop thinking and relax. And that is what I get out of IAM (Meditation) the most. Before, there was a constant chattering of the mind. Even when I wanted to go to sleep, the mind just kept on running. But these days when I want to relax, I can do so. I no longer need music or a TV to relax. I can relax by myself.”

Nathalie Kriester, 24, Tailor, Germany

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2004


“I feel like it is giving me peace and patience and helps me stay calm in stressful situations.”

Andreas Hirsch, 23, Social worker, Germany

practising IAM (Meditation) since 2004

“It is like a muscle training for your mind. It sharpens your concentration. At the same time, the technique calms the mind down. So it also helps you relax. When I face difficult situations, I am more laid back now. If I have a problem with somebody or if I am facing some strong emotions, I’m able to cope with them much better. IAM helps me to stand back and watch my emotions.”

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