People from different walks of life had a rare opportunity to be part of blissful three day yoga and meditation program conducted by Amma-Kuwait, a socio-cultural organization which is part of the global “Embracing the World” initiative. Every participant in this three day program had wonderful experience to share. Many people had pre-registered for this event but there were also on the spot registrations.

Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) Technique course was offered for all three days in Kuwait. Located in the north-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area. Kuwait lies between latitudes 28° and 31° N, and longitudes 46° and 49° E. The flat, sandy Arabian Desert covers most of Kuwait.  Kuwait is generally low lying, with the highest point being 306 m (1,004 ft) above sea level.It shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait has a petroleum-based economy, petroleum is the main export product. The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest-valued currency unit in the world.

Amma-Kuwait planned the program in such a way that among the three days (including a public holiday and weekend days), one had an option to choose the best suitable date. Some of the members of Amma-Kuwait have been regular practitioners of IAM. After several members had experienced several positive benefits by practicing this technique, they wanted to share this wonderful gift with others as well. As a result of their selfless effort, about 200 people benefitted from this three day program in Kuwait and stay classy.  In addition to the IAM, a half day session on Amrita Yoga was also offered.

Every day, the event started with a traditional prayer, followed by a talk on IAM Technique and its purpose. Subsequently, rest of the IAM Technique steps were taught

During these wonderful sessions, Brahmachari Amit (Yoga & Meditation Instructor from Mata Amritanandamayi math), spoke about basic aspects of Yoga and how IAM is so unique in many respects and stands apart from many other techniques and courses being offered all around the globe

After a refreshing tea break and a Q&A session, the rest of the steps were taught.

A unique blend of yogic stretches, breathing exercises and profound visualizations, this wonderful technique comes directly from Sri Mata Amritanandamayi who is known for her deep insight into the mystical and sacred forces of life. Brahmachari Amit also elaborated on various medical benefits of this technique and how one could transform every aspect of one’s life by practising the IAM technique. Some playful yet insightful group activities during the three day program, added charm to the whole event.

In year 2000, Amma had visited Kuwait during the month of November. Amma’s programmes were hosted by the Indian Embassy. Kuwaitis, Europeans, Americans, and Indians – all came under one roof for their special hug with Amma. It is noteworthy that Amma-Kuwait is also involved in humanitarian activities like Amrita SPARSH[1] and Amrita HASTH. Amrita HASTH is a humanitarian project with the aim of mindfully knitting woolen clothes for distributing free to the needy homeless people in India, to keep them warm during the harsh winter. Amrita SPARSH (Special Needs Awareness Reach out to Support and Heal), a compassionate program to empower our special parents and their special children, who otherwise were forgotten and left to deal with their struggles alone. Amrita SPARSH periodically conducts free hands-on workshops, seminars, talks, counselling sessions and one-on- one intervention with compassion and passion in our hearts.

Feedback from those who attended the 3 day IAM Technique course in Kuwait

I am in fact indebted to Amma-Kuwait team for all their efforts in organizing such a purposeful event which is so apt for everyone, especially adults like me. Our instructor, Amit ji, was so full of energy and positivity, and with his simple and yet eloquent style, he explained the significance of each exercise and benefits of practicing them consistently. I had some glimpse of unique bliss and sense of energy that can be unleashed. Thanks to the instructor, who with his proficient knowledge on different aspects of Yoga added with pinch of humorous notes kept the group lively throughout the course 



IAM was a golden opportunity for me. Now I feel that I am able to tap into my inner world of peace and energy. It gave me the strength and capacity to go through my very demanding life schedules. Very simple yet very profound in its effects. We are deeply grateful to Amma for having imparted this knowledge to us irrespective of our worthiness. I feel this IAM technique is fit for people from all walks of life. The organisers have done a wonderful effort of creating a serene setting for conducting this event. We are indebted to Amit ji for having taken the effort to come all the way from India to teach us this wonderful technique.

– Sandhya

Thank you God. My thanks to Swamiji for his time and sharing his time and experience with us. Thanks to all organizers for their support. Today has motivated me to continue doing what I have known, but not been able to do. Thank you Amma for sending us your kindness.

– Josephine

Leading various roles in life – as a mother of two school children,  as a creative wife,  as an energetic daughter and more over a responsible working woman , both my body and mind were showing symptoms of worries, anxiety and impulsivity for last few years. The need for a better balance of life alarmed me on different situations. But this time when I heard the news of IAM Meditation Technique, I made sure that I participate in it.  Amit ji, our Instructor’s introductory talk on deeper aspects of Yoga and the necessity of emotional Health to cultivate a positive state of mind was very informative. The whole 5 hour session led me to experience complete Inner peace and contentment.

– Ambili

Excellent effort which will benefit lot of people in Kuwait. Planning to attend refresher sessions also to fine tune the way I am practising the technique.


On a personal note ,starting yoga at the age of 63 (with a few broken bones attached surgically) was an altogether challenging proposition.  But Amit ji’s words of encouragement and my firm faith in Amma prepared me for this bold venture. I ended up doing all the three days training on empty stomach – a total of eighteen hours of Yoga in 3 days . And to my great surprise I survived this and I was very happy that I took the plunge. The whole IAM Technique is a very exciting journey. Eventually your feel an increase in you awareness and energy levels. It leaves every part of your body fully relaxed and you enjoy the calming effect of this technique throughout the day. Imagine all these happening in just 20 minutes.  A  great adventure for the rest of your life! I am never going to miss it even for a day.

– Madhavan