IAM 35 Refresher (Regular version) in Amritapuri


For Western and Indian people.

Refresh Amma’s meditation technique in English ! (translation available into European languages and Japanese on request).
You need to have learnt the IAM Technique before to attend this class !

IAM-35 is an advanced meditation technique. It takes only 35 minutes a day and works on a combination of breathing, body stretching and energy consciousness. It releases and relaxes many internal pressures and stresses. It prepares you, using different techniques, to go into a deep, calm meditative state.

The refresher is free of charge. You need to sign up at the IAM Office (Dhyanamandiram building, Amritapuri, everyday from 10 am to 12am except on Tuesdays). Please contact payday loandesk for more information : iam@amritapuri.org.

If you plan to stay overnight in the ashram, kindly inform the Indian accomodation (stay@amritapuri.org) or the International Office if you are not Indian (international@amritapuri.org) to ask for accommodation.

VENUE: IAM Hall, 2nd floor Amritakshari building, Amritapuri (Kerala, India)

DATE & TIME:July 28, 2019 | 07:00 AM TO 09:00 AM