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"Some had learnt many other meditation techniques – and one among them was a yoga teacher . They were skeptical: "This is yet one more technique; what more can it teach?"

Then they were surprised, saying, " Amazing! How comprehensive, connected, beautiful and effective a technique it is!" They hadn't expected a technique so good. They are really happy, and the some I'm in contact with - they regularly practice IAM…"

                                            - the Slovenian IAM organizer, in a letter to the IAM trainer.

It was in beautiful and tranquil Primorsko - chosen after a great deal of thought - that IAM was taught.    

It was in beautiful and tranquil Primorsko - far removed from the hustle and bustle of the capital city - that the IAM Technique was bestowed on a October weekend in 2011. On Saturday the class began at half past seven with a puja (worship of the divine) for the success of the course and before the three hour lunch break we had already learnt the physical part of the exercises. And the afternoon, we were taught the internal exercises as well.

It was a full blown winter. Few hundred meters away flows the cool Soča river to which some of us were drawn in the lunch break. The weather was just divine; sunny and not too cold. Some also wandered in the nearby hills. In the refreshing climes, for once, we shed the weight of everyday humdrum life.

Cherished are our memories of the outdoor walking-meditations in the enlivening weather of beautiful Primorska. The outer peace and stillness in harmony with the joy and silence within.

It was near the mountains, in the middle of a full blown winter.

We were in for a new experience, after dinner. In the relaxing atmosphere of the recreation room, we were led into a session of heartfelt bhajans (devotional chanting) to the accompaniment of tabla (an Indian drum)

At six Sunday morning all of us participated with gusto in the archana. though it was optional. Almost all of us felt as if the vibrations of the powerful mantras were engulfing us and uniting us. The experience so touched some of us that we wanted to practice reading it.

But the weather was just divine; sunny and not too cold.

Before noon, we were led through an educative exercise that made us take a deep look into our inner most self. And before we knew, by 5.00 pm the whole course was over, like in a dream. The trainer had to hurry on his seven hour drive back to Stuttgart, who had so unstintingly given us so much of the ancient wisdom of India.

Inherent in this simple technique of Amma, we find, is the timeless essence of yoga, prāṇāyāma and meditation. Indeed, this is Amma's gift to a world that is scorched by stress, anger and lack of love – all symptoms of life in the fast lane.

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By: - Franjo Pori, Slovenia.