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Meditation class in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China
25 August 2012

It was the third IAM Technique class to be taught in China, the first being in 2008. What made it even more memorable, like in the previous two classes was the presence of Swami Ramakrishna again, the disciple of Amma for more than thirty years. Being the senior most disciple, he has been in Amma's ashram for more than thirty years.

Amma's Shanghai satsang team is happy to share that 35 students, both international and local just completed IAM meditation course in Shanghai taught on the 11th and 12 of August. Apart from the Swami from India, Chad Kymal, founder and director of the Michigan ashram, and Meei Meei Soong, a California devotee, flew in from the USA to teach and facilitate the classes, which were hosted by Darshana Healing Yogic Center. Lily Xie, known also as Manjushree, the local coordinator, organized the programs and did the translating.

As always, we were grateful for the presence of Swami Ramakrishna, who initiated the programs and led four evening pujas at various homes and at the yoga center. Kazu, the owner and manager of the yoga center, had this to say: "It was such a great pleasure having Swamiji and Amma's team in Darshana. It felt graceful to get together with all, sharing the light and the love the team radiated... I still have been receiving much positive feedback from the students for such an inspiring and beautiful experience."

And many students conveyed their appreciation of the enchanting meditation technique that IAM is for them:

"This is a great opportunity for us to practice together. I have been practicing and really enjoying doing it! Thank you again so much for introducing this to Shanghai." - Chuan

"I feel a lot of peace and energy inside my mind and body when I practice IAM meditation. I feel much better when I practice every day and am more productive as well." - Veronique

- Input from Shanghai Satsang Team, China.

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