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Youth IAM Technique in Schools, Italy

On 13 February 2012 a course of Youth IAM® was held at the school IPSAR ROSSINI, near Naples, Italy.

The teacher, Alessandra Parlato, who first launched the project and took part in the course says,
“It was 3 pm and students were all waiting in the room set for the Youth IAM Technique meditation class. Their faces reflected the intrigue, the expectations. The silence was laden with questions, but none made any move to break it.

"After the introductory remarks, the students performed the first part of the technique, involving some relaxation exercises. Students performed this part with great care and were focused on listening to their own body.

"After exercise came the moment for perfect relaxation, in the shavasana position: lying on the ground, students were completely relaxed, and none of them showing any signs of wanting to get up.

"The instructor of the IAM (meditation) technique and I had originally thought that, after the physical exercises and the relaxation, students could have some break. However, we had not anticipated the students’ views.  To our great surprise, students wanted to continue without any break. It was as if they were unwilling to break the spell enveloping them.

"Curiosity turned into relaxation, we could now discern descending on them a great stillness, joy and peace.

"At the end of the course, after the technique was finally practiced one full round, an atmosphere of deep calm and peace was palpable in the hall.

"Sharing this experience has made me reflect deeply about how to provide a benchmark that students to lean on. Also, I felt that establishing a regular routine could provide long-term support for students, and help them in their journey of life. So I resolved to factor these in this IAM Technique project, for the students next year”

Here’s how some of the students commented on the IAM course:
“Meditation is a work of the mind. It warms the heart. Previously I had never gone back home after school in such a calm a state of mind,” says Nica

Francesca, on the other hand, used another image to describe an experience she defined as fantastic: “In a soul completely free from thoughts and emotions even the tiger finds no room for its fierce claws.” After a visualisation exercise, Francesca said: “This state of meditation is so beautiful, I wish I would ever remain in it.”

Igor never grew tired of voicing his questions, expressing all his curiosity about meaning of life and inner seeking.

 “When are we doing it again?” is what Ramona,  another student,  asked the teacher the following day.

Marina Ghezzi, the IAM Technique instructor, was deeply impressed by the openness of the teachers, whose help made the course possible. She was also moved by receptivity of the students for meditation, a concept so new to them. She said:
“This event has revealed to me how much today’s youth as well as adults hanker for a moment’s peace and relaxation. I was really moved when students in one voice chose not to interrupt the meditation session with  a break. It was evident that they were experiencing within, a calmness and relaxation that perhaps they hadn’t ever felt before. Personally, I realised that today’s young people also lead hectic lives. I’m not saying it is wrong, but they should also be shown a way to come out of all this, and listen to the voice of silence and peace, at least once in a while. The most beautiful thing for me was to see their faces, so filled with wonder and joy – at having discovered a way to peace deep within themselves.

I was very pleased to see how the “Rossini” school has hosted and organised the course. By offering  this opportunity, the school has thus bestowed a new wisdom unusual. And yet, this wisdom “how to live” is just as important - if not  more - as the academic knowledge, "for livelihood". A manna for a new generation indeed.”

- Input from IAM Technique team, Italy.