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Training the Trainers


The interest level was so high that many eager ashramites reported for the course in addition to all the devotees who had confirmed participation. The total came to about three-hundred. This was the second IAM teacher training course and was open also to non-ashramites.

It is difficult to say whether it was the teachers or the would-be-teachers who were more enthusiastic. Ultimately, it was one smooth flowing two-day course that ended in grand success.

From the start, the two day fast-paced program never had a boring moment, never looked back; May 14th and 15th were gone just like that.

The course took off with a prayer followed by a concise explanation by Br Shraddhamrita, that IAM is a technique integrating body, mind and breath.

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If in this diverse group there was one thing shared in common, it was their love for Amma and the irrepressible urge to serve Amma. Participants who had travelled during this peak holiday season of the year from far and wide, from different states of India, were all seasoned IAM practitioners. They were brimming with enthusiasm to pass on the great technique to the suffering masses of humanity. One has not only to sacrifice time for training to be a trainer, but has to take further time off to keep on teaching IAM.  Having imbibed Amma’s message of love and service, they all appeared willing to go the extra mile.

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The program method was also a fine-tuned integration of learning, practice and relaxation. The period between 2 and 3 pm held exciting and instructional games that also dwelt on the subtler and deeper aspects of communication, emotions, selflessness, etc.

4.30 pm to 5.30 pm was the lecture time: on the first day it was by Dr Shantikumar Nair and Smt Vandana Balakrishnan and on the second day it was by Swami Amritaswarupananda.

Compiled by: Janardana Krishna[to be continued]