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IAM goes to New Zealand

September 04, 2011, Auckland, New Zealand

The weeklong festival of satsangs was crowned by the IAM Technique classes. Many were the devotees who eagerly enrolled. For these thirsting souls, it was Amma and the ashram, which had come in the form of the Brahmachari, to teach them the meditation. It was for the first time that IAM Technique was being taught here in New Zealand.

Auckland was the venue for the 4th September class. IAM, as it is all around the world, was free, and the technique was taught by Br Shraddhamrita, who has been a monk in Amma’s ashram for the past eighteen years.

The four hours the thirty aspirants spent in the workshop was an enchanting journey into the intricacies of meditation.

According to Shraddhamrita, this time tested meditation technique, when practiced with dedication, helps bring about in our lives, a harmonious integration of body, mind and the breath. In this simple technique of Amma is inherent, the timeless essence of yoga, pranayama and meditation. This twenty minutes’ practice is Amma’s gift to a world that is buffeted by stress, anger and lack of love – symptoms of fast and lonely life.

When the workshop finished - it starts with only a few very basic body stretches followed by a deep meditation – we were carrying with us our key to peace and stability in our lives.

We at Mata Amritanandamayi Satsang Group Inc of New Zealand will be conducting refresher course every month, so that the benefits accrued in this momentous workshop will ever remain with us. Details of the upcoming programs will be posted on the website: www.amma.org.nz

- Jaspaljeet Singh, Auckland