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IAM in Tauranga, NZ

Tauranga is where - ranked sixth among the cities of New Zealand and about 200 km south-east of Auckland the biggest city - on 29th October, IAM technique workshop was conducted. Seven eager participants gathered in the house, lent graciously by Neelima, a devotee of Amma.

For them this was the first meditation class, though many were familiar with yoga and meditation as concepts.  They were extremely receptive to the technique, which is a free gift to suffering humanity, by Amma. 

Eager to add harmony and happiness to their lives, the enthusiastic students look forward to their daily meditation of twenty plus minutes.

Logo IAM-Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®

They were appreciative of Chandra Kurup who befitting his love for the teaching and the teacher, ungrudgingly spared his time and effort to share the great meditation technique, on behalf of Mata Amritanandmayi Satsang Group, New Zealand.  

Logo IAM-Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®

And, Chandra says, “I enjoyed the trip and the training process. The response I got from the participants was greatly rewarding. I could not have asked for more.”