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In the Land of Pythagorus, Socrates, Aristotle...

Greece is where, in the centuries before Christ, towering Athenian philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle trod the earth. And it is across this land of philosophers, that the fragrance of IAM has started wafting gently. And in Halkida, just north of Athens, where once Aristotle taught (during the last year of his life, 323-322 BCE), now IAM is being learnt avidly. It is said, long back Pythagoras went to India. Surely, 2,500 years later, India has repaid the debt to Greece, through the IAM Technique of Amma.

The cosmopolitan city Chalcis, Chalkida or Khalkis, as it is known in Greek, is the second biggest island of Greece after Crete and is connected to the main land by a modern suspension bridge. Being about 77 km from Athens to the north, one can reach the cosmopolitan Halkida in an hour by road. In Halkida a unique tidal phenomenon takes place - the swift change of water flow direction in the channel every six hours. Between each change of direction, there is a pause of about eight minutes.

For the third 3-day Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) class, astonishingly, three fourths of the participants were repeaters. As in the previous two years, the venue was Sun Shine House, located very close to the bridge. The owners of Sun Shine House not only happen to be close followers of Amma but the owner's wife is also an IAM trainer.

The center, round the year runs courses in Yoga, Tai Chi etc. In the full house of 27 participants, some were from Athens. It even attracts international visitors.

Because of thecontinued good response to IAM, the organizers who are also hosting Br. Shubamrita on his annual visit to Greece are planning two more workshops of IAM for 2012.

- With inputs from Alwin D`Angelo