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Two papers by the same researcher:

The objective was to find out the effect of IAM Technique on the stress hormones: adrenaline and cortisol. A five-year study published in 2011 by the international journal Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine...  Read more

Meditation induces a positive response during stress events in young Indian adults: The first group was trained to practice a meditation technique called Integrated Amrita Meditation technique... Read More


There is education for a living, and there is education for life. Along with the education needed to make a living, students should also be given education on how to live life.

A not-for-profit top hospital in Kerala, India where the poor could have access to advanced medical care in an atmosphere of love and compassion. AIMS is now a world - class institution of medicine, academics, and research.

Embracing the World is the global network of charitable projects initiated by Amma. Visit the site
Download the ETW booklet

A Malayalam TV channel that has bagged awards for excellence, year after year.

The Amritapuri ashram website for regular updates on Amma.

Amrita Life is committed to serving society by producing authentic ayurvedic medicines and promoting the holistic approach of ayurveda.

Amrita Yoga for a life of fulfilment; for health, happiness and awareness. Click here, for upcomming Amrita Yoga classes.