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IAM class in Brisbane

October 8, 2011, Brisbane, Australia

The participants' eagerness to attend IAM technique class, was evident from the fact that they arrived in Masonic Temple Hall, Brisbane, in time, braving the unexpected morning thunderstorm.

The forty participants found it easy to accept and relate to the elegant meditation technique. The technique comes with the seeds of success hidden within. Because it comes from the divine sankalpa (resolve) of Amma for this suffering world. (Refer to the question and answer session with Swami Amritaswarupananda of May 15, 2011.)

The vibrations of relaxation and peace pervading the hall were tangible. The meditators not only learnt how to meditate correctly – the simplest of the meditation technique ever –they also had the rare joy of relishing the fruits of group meditation in this unique, charged atmosphere. "I felt relaxed and very peaceful after the meditation" is what one meditator confided after the session.

Another comfort shared by many was that the practice would need as less as twenty minutes daily. In the melee and stress of fast life they had fears about coping up with demands of time.

Another fear commonly entertained by many were that they might not be able to withstand the rigors of bodily twists and contortions that yogic postures entail and that it would be mentally very exhausting. Those with prior exposure to commercial yoga had such misapprehensions. After attending the course, with all their fears and doubts laid to rest, they could declare: "I am happy that I came. I learnt that I can begin to control the mind by this simple and very effective technique."

The meditation class was free, as it is worldwide. After the conclusion of the class, a delicious vegetarian Indian lunch was provided.