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Mangalore, to be contd...
Though only about 20 had registered till the 15th, thirty five came for the class and the hall could only accommodate 35.Read more
On Tour with Amma
Pen is mightier than the sword. Today, video is mightier than pen and pen drive mightier than sword. So it is with a pen drive that we set out to conquer India.Read more
Once again, in St Petersburg
Autumn showers subsided, giving way to Amma's shower of grace, as St Petersburg hosted the IAM course on October 6th and 7th. It was the secondRead more
FAQ Answered!
Q: Whom do I contact for more information about IAM Technique? A:Home page: www.iam-meditation.org, Mail: iam@amritapuri.org, Phone: +91 944...Read more
In Lebanon, the middle east
"Around 240 people have learned the technique, many of whom actually attended the classes more than once to enjoy the energy and imbibe better..."Read more
Instructions for Meditation
If any part of your body is tense or feels any pain, the mind will linger on that. Relax every part of the body, and watch your thoughts with absolute awareness.Read more
Shanghai, China
Amma's Shanghai satsang team is happy to share that 35 students, both international and local, just completed IAM meditation course in ShanghaiRead more
In Slovenia
And one among them was a yoga teacher. They were skeptical: "This is yet one more technique; What more can it teach?" Then, they were surprisedRead more
Power of mind...
If the branches are redirected and the river is redirected to flow only through the main stream, the force of the current will increase greatly. It may even beRead more
Love alone...
First he read aloud from his retreat identification wristband, a quote from Amma: "Fill your heart with love and then express it in everything you do..."Read more
After Glasnost and Perestroika...
It is from the cauldrons of glasnost and perestroika, that a coup d'état and a new Russia emerged... Amma appeared there, as if to mitigate the painRead more
The parents are the two Gurus
"The parents are the two Gurus which the children see from birth until they come in contact with the world. If the seed of love is not sown at home, it can not Read more
Italian School Children Learn Youth IAM
"Meditation is a work of the mind. It warms the heart. Previously I had never gone back home after school in such a calm a state of mind," says Nica... Read more
In the Land of Aristotle
It is said, long back Pythagoras went to India. 2,500 years later, through the IAM Technique of Amma, India has now repaid the debt to Greece... Read more
So Speaks Amma...
My children, you are Mother's wealth and health. Mother does not want anything from you except your spiritual growth. When she finds that you are not..." Read more
Prisoners in Italy learn IAM
"If I had learned this technique as a kid, I would not have ended up here"..."For 20 years I was addicted to drugs... I think from now on, " Read more
IAM at Amritapuri Campus
Through its curricula, no doubt Amrita imparts excellent professional education to individuals, but it also revels in creating individuals who ... Read more
IAM Interview
IAM, encompassing profound spiritual truths ever known to mankind, works at many different levels - conscious and unconscious Read more
I'm Yekaterina; I'm from Russia
My mind stopped working. I felt it. And … and my body stopped moving (became still) totally Read more
Byron Bay
The lush rainforest with the gently swaying palm trees was the perfect setting for the thirty five students who arrived for the day long program Read more
A memorable day for the thirty odd Sydney residents- they could finally learn a meditation method that is indeed a technique Read more
IAM Technique
Starting from the crown of my head I was showered with a golden light. It built a protective shell around my body and soul that simply deflected the blast. Read more
Upcoming Classes
Dates, Upcoming Classes
Classes scheduled in Japan:
03 December (Saturday), 2011
04 May (Sunday), 2012 Osaka Read more
Tauranga, NZ
For them this was the first meditation class, though many were familiar with yoga and meditation as concepts.
Read more
The participants' eagerness to attend IAM, was evident from the fact that they arrived in Masonic Temple Hall, Brisbane, in time, braving the unexpected morning...Read more
Celebration of Love, Service and IAM Stall
Countless thousands of people came to the Birthday all desperately seeking to serve. Total festive atmosphere; if you wanted anything, somebody rushed to help. Read more
Training the Trainers, Part 4:
Swamiji spoke lovingly and drew the attention of the audience to the fact that today the humanity is in dire need of silence, relaxation and a tension free life. Read more
Amma's 58th Birthday Updates:
Devotees are flowing in, in waves and waves! We wish you who are all lovers of IAM were here, to witness this great wondrous event. Since you are not here ... Read more
IAM goes to New Zealand:
The four hours the thirty aspirants spent in the workshop was an enchanting journey into the intricacies of meditation. According to Shraddhamrita ...Read more
Training the Trainers, Part 3 :
Next, it was Smt Vandana Balakrishnan. She began quoting Amma about how religion and science are not two, but one. Her research article titled, “The Effect of ...Read more
Training the Trainers, Part 2:
Dr Shantikumar Nair, its Dean of Research,received the prestigious National Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in New Delhi Read more
Training the Trainers, Part 1:
One has not only to sacrifice time for training to be a trainer, but has to take time further off, to keep on teaching IAM. Having imbibed Amma's message of love ...Read more
SRNM College at Sattur, Tamil Nadu:
Amma's IAM Technique, like a whirl wind, has started blowing over the academia. And these four hundred girl students are imbibing the mysteries of meditation that will Read more
Amrita School of Business, Kochi:
Listening with rapt attention to the expert elucidation of subtle principles of Amma's meditation methods, here are the first year MBA students... Read more